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A Magazine for Fabric Die Cutting Enthusiasts

Blocks to Die For Returns This Summer!

Blocks to Die For Returns This Summer!

After a very long (and much needed) hiatus, I have decided to bring back BTDF to the masses.

There are changes, to be sure, but over the last 8 months I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think, plan, think some more, and come up with a magazine that is better and more sustainable. I’m so excited to share the news with you and tell you what you can expect from the new magazine. Let’s walk through some of the changes!

1. Creative Direction

First, I have decided to turn over creative direction of the magazine to the uber-talented Brian Boehm.  Brian is the creative brain behind all of my book publishing endeavors, and it just makes sense to take this next step. This means that every issue will have a consistent look and format, so that we don’t have to re-learn the magazine with every issue.

2. Paid Contributors

I am actively recruiting contributors to the magazine so that you can see fresh ideas from people other than me. If you would like to make a project or write an article for BTDF, please write to me. Compensation varies based on what you are contributing.

3. Better Content, Still Ad-Free

The magazine will have not just block designs, but several articles/tutorials and at least one full project with instructions. BTDF is still the only one geared toward fabric die-cutting enthusiasts, so I think it makes sense to include more information about die cutting – the industry, the tools available, the techniques you need to be successful.  I also want to hold true to the idea of this being about blocks, which is why I’m limiting the number of full-sized projects.

A note to previous subscribers: I will be re-mixing blocks from previous issues that you may or may not have seen. It’s up to you whether you want to buy these new volumes or not. I think there’s enough new content to make it worth your while, and I’ll even sweeten the deal by offering discounts to those of you who were early supporters of the magazine.

4. Less Frequent, Single Issue Pricing

I started out BTDF as a monthly subscription publication, and that was too much, too soon. This time, there won’t be a subscription option available in the beginning, so that we have an opportunity to build up to a schedule we’re comfortable with.  For 2013, we’re working on no more than 1-2 issues.

5. Multi-Format Availability

The magazine will be available to purchase either as a digital download only ($8.95), a bound book only ($13.95), or both ($15.95). I’m partnering with Amazon CreateSpace to produce the print version, so you will also see the magazine listed there for purchase.

 6. And Some Things Stay the Same

You can continue to expect the magazine to contain EDeN System notation for all the block charts, and include the sections of the EDeN Charts that are relevant for the blocks in that issue.

The digital downloads will continue to be secured via this site, so if you were a previous subscriber, you’ll be able to use your existing logon to gain access.  For those who want print versions, you’ll pay for it through this site and it will be mailed to you via USPS Media Mail or First Class International.



  1. I am so excited that you are starting your magazine again..it is one of a kind and so informative..WELCOME BACK

  2. I am so excited…
    .count me in!

  3. I am excited about this! Can’t wait for the first issue.

  4. Soooo! Excited!! Count me in!!


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